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Hello, I’m Tina Payne of Tina Payne Consulting and Creator of The Scrub Shop Academy™. Most

recently our online course transformed into a more virtual online experience. Today we welcome

you to take a sneak peek into the New and Improved Scrub Shop Academy. We are bigger and

better than ever before.

Scrub Shop Academ™y is a 3-month program that provides you with the steps in launching your scrub shop business.

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Hear from our students

When I came to Tina, I needed help navigating the scrub business. I was able to collect bits and pieces of information here and there online, but it was not everything that I was looking for. After watching all of Tina's youtube videos, purchasing the Ultimate Scrubs business planning guide, and watching previous live videos from Black Nurse Entrepreneurs on Facebook, I decided to invest in my business to get the ball rolling.

I am so happy that I made this decision because I was able to launch my business sooner than I thought I could. She has given many resources like creating a FB group with other scrub business owners and making herself available to answer any questions. If I hadn't purchased the Scrub shop Academy, I would still be looking for information. Thank you Tina for creating Scrub Shop Academy. You are such a blessing in disguise.

-Ruchama JB. @laviescrubs

"I signed up for the scrub shop academy in March 2020, and all I can say is it has been the best business decision I made! If you are on the fence I am here to tell you that you won’t regret signing up for the scrub shop academy! I trusted Tina to lead and teach me all I needed to know to start a scrub business. I was going to try another lady but grateful that I chose Tina. She is very patient, knowledgeable and my experience with her has been very rewarding.

Tina has helped me avoid mistakes that I clearly would have made without the scrub shop academy. The scrub shop academy teaches you “ALL” you need to know to start the scrub business, and an added perk is you can watch it over and over again! I have met ppl through scrub shop academy and during group coaching everyone shares their experience and learn from one another. It’s a very positive environment and everyone cheers for each other! Three months after taking the class I have accounts with many different manufacturers and have started selling my scrubs, and I just got a contract with a school. When everyone asks me how did I do it so fast, I just say my coach is a savage I got this from “TINA”

-Anshanette @Taylormadescrubs

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